We’re in the early stages of a mass transformation in industry, the third phase of the information age. The first phase saw the introduction of computers, in the second phase they became interconnected and gave rise to the digital economy. The third phase is now among us. Computers and digital technology are now ubiquitous, we have more data than we know what to do with and we’re redefining sectors that seemed untouchable for decades.

We are in the age of realignment and that’s where we find Blockchain technology. A distributed ledger, born from clever mathematics and a desire to transact anonymously while maintaining trust on both sides of the exchange. The world is starting to wake up to the vast number applications for such technology. The internet changed the world in 20 years. Blockchain will do it in 10. Welcome to year one. Welcome to Blockchain Dublin.

Don't miss out on Dublin’s premiere Blockchain event. Things kick off on June 7th with The Blockchain Conference. Hear first hand from the people that are creating the future. Expect inspiration, talks, panels, demos and plenty of time to engage with attendees and speakers. We’ve run the Blockchain Conference in London, New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco and now we’re bringing it home to Dublin.

Peter Randall


Stephen Moran

Innovation Manager, Bank of Ireland

Lúí Smyth

EdgeVerve Labs, Head of blockchain/DLT research



Lory Kehoe

Luis Carranza

Blockchain Conference, Founder & Entrepreneur


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Deloitte & Touche House

Earlsfort Terrace

Dublin 2

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Dublin, June 7th 2016

9.00 AM  Registration  

10.00 AM   Introduction: 

Welcome to Deloitte’s brand new EMEA Blockchain Lab

Lory Kehoe, Senior Manager – Strategy & Operations Financial Services at Deloitte

A introduction of the current state of play

Luis Carranza, Blockchain Entrepreneur and Founder at Fintech Worldwide

10.30 – 11.00   Blockchain Overview

We’ll take a brief look into what makes Blockchain and distributed ledgers systems so disruptive and we’ll explore some of the  key mechanics.

Lúí Smyth, EdgeVerve Labs, Head of blockchain/DLT research

11.00 – 11.20  Assets On The Blockchain

This session will cover how distributed ledgers are a natural fit for asset transactions, both physical and synthetic. We’ll also examine what key industry player are doing to make this a reality. 

Peter Randall, CEO at SETL

11.20 – 11.30  The Chinese Opportunity

Bo Ji,  Assistant Dean of Global Executive Education & Chief Representative for Europe at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)

11.40 – 12.10   Meet The Blockchain Companies

Meet the startups that are changing financial services. (10 minute presentations followed by a 10 minute discussion.

Calogero Scibetta, Operations & Business Development at Everledger
Luis Carranza, Advisor at Tallysticks

12.10 – 12.30   What is The DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organisation)?

Mark Messer, Co-founder, MA_Studio

12:30 – 13.30   LUNCH & NETWORKING




13.30  – 14.30  Innovation in Financial Service: An Irish Perspective

We’ll explore some of the innovation in Financial services and how they are changing the Irish landscape.

Stephen Moran, Innovation Manager at Bank of Ireland
Lory Kehoe, Senior Manager – Strategy & Operations Financial Services at Deloitte
David Bowles, Delta Partners

14.30 – 15.00  Regulation & Compliance Q&A

We’ll explore some of the challenges and opportunities that are posed by the current regulatory environment.

Peter Oakes, Founder at Fintech Ireland

15.00 – 15.30  The Future of Blockchain

Experts weigh in on what we could expect to see in the near and distant future.

Peter Oakes, Founder of Fintech Ireland
David Roche, Financial Services Director, Pramerica


15:30 – 17.00   Networking


Peter Oakes

FinTech Ireland, Founder

Deloitte, Strategy & Operations Financial Services -  

Delta Partner, VC

David Bowles



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Calogero Scibetta

Everledger, Operations & Business Development


Financial Services Director,
Pramerica Ireland


David Roche

Bo Ji

Assistant Dean of Global Executive Education & Chief Representative for Europe at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)